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The weather’s been great lately, so here’s a special offer, just through March 13, on my Udemy course on file format identification tools: Just $12 with the coupon MARCH11! The list price is $28. This also celebrates Udemy’s fixing a … Continue reading

Update on my Udemy courses

Udemy has made some serious changes to its pricing rules. This will result in some price changes in my courses, starting on April 4.

In one respect, this is a good thing. Currently, any course participating in Udemy’s marketing programs is periodically subject to huge discounts on zero notice. A $300 course might suddenly be offered for $10. If students enroll in the course through the marketing program, the instructor may get as little as 25% of that. On the other hand, if students enroll using my coupon codes, I get to keep 97% of the money. It’s not hard to see how this can put instructors in a price war against themselves. I want to sell courses through coupons so that Udemy doesn’t gobble up most of the money you pay, but this encourages instructors to set a high price and then discount it heavily so students will use the coupons.

This wasn’t making anybody happy, so Udemy has changed its policies, promising not to discount courses by more than 50%. But this comes with a new set of price restrictions on the courses. All prices have to be between $20 and $50 and — I don’t know why — be a multiple of $5. We can’t give discounts of more than 50% with our own coupons. If a coupon violates this limit, we can’t change it; it will just expire on April 4.

This means I’ll be making the following changes in my prices:

  • Managing metadata with ExifTool: The list price will drop from $36 to $30.
  • Personal digital preservation: The list price will go up from $16 to $20.
  • How to tell a file’s format: Five open source tools: The list price will go down from $28 to $25.

If you’re here, the list prices are irrelevant, since you’ll be buying using the coupon code unless you like spending more and letting me have less. But there are also changes in the coupons. Until April 4, you’ll be able to enroll in the ExifTool course with the code EXIF14 for $14.00. Starting April 4, you’ll have to use the code EXIF15 with a price of $15.00.

The introductory offer for Personal Digital Preservation expired at the end of February. The new code PRESERVE lets you enroll for $11. This won’t change.

The coupon code TOOLKIT for How to Tell a File’s Format: Five Open Source Tools continues to get you a $20 price.

The biggest annoyance is that I like to give students a really deep discount for a course that builds on another one (e.g., on the ExifTool course for those who’ve taken the file identification tools course), and I’ll be limited in what I can do there.

By way of compensation, I’m offering a special rate on Personal Digital Preservation till April 4: Just $8 with the coupon code MARCHAIR! After April 4, you won’t be able to get that low a price for any paid Udemy course.

Hopefully this will all work out well. I’m looking into adding another course, though it’s too soon to give specifics.

A new video course on ExifTool

ExifTool course thumbnailMy latest Udemy course, Managing Metadata with ExifTool, is now live! The list price is $36, but with the link here it’s just $12 through the end of February. OK, to tell the truth, Udemy’s payment structure practically mandates setting high prices and then discounting heavily, but this introductory rate is the best one you’ll see for a while.

As far as I can tell, this is the only publicly available tutorial on ExifTool which covers the topic so thoroughly. Here’s the outline:
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Which way to personal digital preservation?

Today I came across a video from the Library of Congress on “Why digital preservation is important for you.” Anyone following its advice will certainly have a better chance of keeping their files alive and organized for a long time. The only question is: Who’s going to follow that advice?
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Notes of a reluctant video teacher

Question mark superimposed on file iconsAs you’ve doubtless notice if you follow this blog or my Twitter feed, I’ve made two video courses and put them up on Udemy.com. You may be wondering why I’m doing this, especially if you know how much I hate being on camera.

Several steps have led to my being here. One is that the more gray hair you have, the more likely clients and employers are to assume the gray matter has leaked out of your brain, even though that’s nonsense. So I have to find other sources of income. I’ve been doing writing, including the book Files that Last, and having some successes there. Many people, though, like video learning, and turning written material into video presentation isn’t a huge step. I liked the arrangements Udemy offered, so I’ve given it a try.
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New Udemy course: Personal Digital Preservation

course imageMy second Udemy course, Personal Digital Preservation, is now available! The regular price for enrolling is $16, but for readers of this blog (and anyone else you want to tell!) it’s just $10 with the coupon code DATALITH10. That code is good through the end of February.
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Coming soon: Course on personal digital preservation

Promo image for personal digital preservation course
My next video course on Udemy will be (Udemy willing, which I think they will be) “Personal Digital Preservation: Keeping Your Files Safe and Usable.” Unlike my previous course on File Format Identification Tools, this one will be aimed at a broad audience: anyone who has a lot of files and wants to keep them usable for years to come. I’ll be covering three main areas: avoiding file loss, recovering files, and keeping files usable and understandable. The price will be $16, which will include about an hour of lectures as well as reference PDF files, but I’ll post a coupon code here to get it for less.

There’s still work to be done, including the approval process. It will appear as soon as it’s approved, so I can’t tell you an exact date, but I’m targeting January 12.


Due to a misunderstanding of mine, there wasn’t a free preview lecture with my course on file format identification tools, even though the promotion video said there was. I’ve rectified that, and the introductory lecture is now available for viewing … Continue reading

File Format Identification Tools: Price War!

Udemy does strange things with course pricing. They’ve put my course on file format identification tools on sale for $10, through January 11. This is the same price as my introductory coupon code, which expired last night.

The only problem is that when you sign up on Udemy without a coupon code, I only get to keep half the money. If you use a coupon code, I keep almost all of it. So in self-defense, I am declaring a price war against myself. With the coupon code PRICEWAR01, you can get the course for just nine dollars! If you use the code, I keep more money at that price than at Udemy’s $10 price, so please use the code.

The code expires January 11, the same day as Udemy’s sale.

Approaching the year’s end

Several people have already signed up for my Udemy course on file, ExifTool, DROID, JHOVE, and Tika. It looks as if most of them have taken advantage of the discount code INTRO1 to get it at just $10 and are planning to take it later on. This makes complete sense, since the code is good just till the end of this year. If you’re taking the course, feel free to start a discussion or ask questions; I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. If you’re a specialist in one of these tools and would like to see how I’m teaching it, I’ll offer you a free pass if your credentials are good.
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