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JPEG 2000 summit presentations

Presentations from May’s JPEG2000 Summit are now available online.

JPEG2000 summit

It’s a bit late to get there if you didn’t already know about it, but the Library of Congress is hosting a JPEG 2000 summit in Washington today and tomorrow. Hopefully some interesting materials will be made public.

Links galore!

Lose yourself for days following links in Charles W. Bailey’s Digital Curation and Preservation Bibliography.

Thanks to Jill Hurst-Wahl for the link.

LOC irony

The Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (latest issue, subscription page) has some very nice content, but it’s ironic that the newsletter is delivered with the nondescript file name of 201101.pdf and that (if JHOVE is right) it doesn’t conform to PDF-A. A PDF/A document can’t have external links, so its lack is excusable; it’s the meaningless file name that actually bugs me more from a preservation standpoint.

I can’t find an editorial contact address on the newsletter to mention this to.

So many metadata standards…

Seeing Standards, the result of a project supported by the Indiana University Libraries, provides a visual arrangement of metadata standards used with cultural heritage work. There are lots of relevant standards! Jenn Riley, Metadata Librarian in the Indiana University Digital Library Program, developed the content. Design work was performed by Devin Becker of the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science.