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I was a little amazed and very amused to see that one of the new features of Unicode 6.0, released just last month, is the Emoji symbol set, which is reported to be widely used on Japanese cell phones. These whimsical symbols must open all kinds of possibilities for text messaging.

Unicode may not officially include Klingon characters, but it can still allow for fun.

More on WOFF

W3C now has a press release on WOFF, which I discussed in an earlier post. The abbreviation WOFF has now acquired a name (the rather feeble “Web Open File Format”), and there’s a FAQ.

Previously it sounded like an interchange format to me. Now apparently it’s a format for use by Web browsers.

WOFF 1.0

W3C’s WebFonts Working Group has announced WOFF 1.0 (working draft), a format for encapsulating and compressing font data. The name WOFF apparently doesn’t stand for anything in particular. WOFF isn’t a font format apart from existing formats, but a way to package fonts on the Web. Additional metadata can be attached to a WOFF file to identify the font’s origin and restrictions.

WOFF working draft