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Course on file format identification tools: Progress report

The video course which I’m developing on “File Format Identification Tools” is almost ready to submit to Udemy. I’m holding off for a little more work at the Open Preservation Foundation on JHOVE, because some user interface details are going to change from the current beta (1.12 beta). The other tools covered will include file, DROID, ExifTool, and Apache Tika. This course should be useful to both students and professionals who want to learn how to use the tools.
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New video: Introduction to file format internals

This is my very first YouTube video, intended to give starting-level computer science students an idea of some of the basic issues of file formats. Suggestions on how to make future ones better, in terms of both content and technique, are welcome. If I get serious about these, I’ll invest in something better than the very painful iMovie.
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