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New blog: Files That Last

Today I’m launching a new tech blog, called “Files That Last.” As you might guess, its subject is digital preservation. Why do we need another preservation blog? Perhaps “we” don’t, where we’re mostly people closely connected with libraries and archives, but it’s a topic that’s ripe for more attention from the general computer-tech community, as everyone relies increasingly on computer files for long-term memory. Its focus will be practical guidance. Since it’s a solo operation, I’ll be able to say things the Library of Congress really shouldn’t.

I’ll be running that blog on a more regular schedule than this one, with weekly posts. Please drop by, and if you like what you see please spread the word.

State of the blog

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. One reason is that I’ve been working on a book proposal and gotten a favorable preliminary response from a publisher. Hopefully I’ll have good news to announce here soon.

In the meantime, I’m using Google+ and enjoying it. If you want to find me, I’m here. I wouldn’t mind connecting up with other people in the digital preservation world.

New look

I’ve changed over this blog to WordPress’s “Garland” theme. It makes better use of screen width, and I think it looks nicer in general. The CSS may get some tweaking for better contrast of text against background.

So is anyone reading this?

Since I moved over from Blogspot, I’ve received 11 comments, or rather WordPress has marked 11 comments as spam and deleted them, usually before I could look at them. Other than a couple of pieces of email, I’ve been getting no feedback. The readership graph shows blips when I post something new, but I don’t know whether that’s actual people or not.

So I’d really like to hear from anyone who’s still reading this. Did I lose everyone with the host switch? is occasional news on file formats and JHOVE just too boring to read? Are legitimate comments disappearing down the maw of the antispambot? Or is everything I say so self-evidently true and complete that nothing more needs to be said? I rather doubt the last.

Twiddling settings

I’ve made a few changes to the settings. As of now, anyone can comment, but all comments have to be approved by me. (WordPress doesn’t allow automatic approval of comments by registered users together with moderation of other comments, as far as I can tell.) Also, the feed now gives full articles instead of summaries.