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A new homeschooling resource on file formats

Continuing from the theme of my last post, I’ve created a page for learning about file formats. I don’t know much about educational theory, but I’ve picked out links to articles and videos which I consider suitable for high school students starting out to learn about formats. With so many people figuring out how to educate their kids without classrooms, creating resources is one thing I can do. If you think the page is useful, please link to it where the people who can use it will see it.

Shifting focus

You may have noticed this blog has been less active for a while. It’s several years since I’ve been actively involved in digital preservation, apart from a PNG module for JHOVE. File formats are still a special love of mine, but I’m moving on to a new blog, reflecting more urgent concerns. This blog is called Techno-Liberty. It’s about the tools for staying free through open communication, privacy, and new technologies.

This blog will stay around as long as WordPress doesn’t purge it, but new posts may be rare. I want to put as much effort as I can into making Techno-Liberty an interesting blog with a steady stream of substantial content. I hope many of you will find it worth following.


Lately this blog hasn’t been showing up on Google. It’s unfortunately necessary to convince Google I’m real, so I’ve added a confirmation meta tag and linked to this blog from a Google Page. As an extra advantage, you’ll be able … Continue reading

Administrative note 2

The domain is working again. Let me know if you see any problems.

Administrative note

The domain will be down briefly at some point for maintenance. You’ll still be able to reach this blog through


The principal URL for this blog is now The old URL still works and nothing else has changed; the change is just to tie this blog closer to my website. Also please note the new “Donate” button. It’s all … Continue reading

Oh, well…

There’s nothing like total failure to give perspective. My request for Patreon supporters got zero response in 32 hours. Zero, to ten decimal places.
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Redecoration in progress

I’m working on some changes in the appearance of this blog. You may see weird things while this is happening. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Administrative note

Due to high levels of spam, I’ve changed the comment settings so that you’re required to give a name and email address or be logged in. WordPress’s filters are very good about catching the spam, but I still have to empty it out, and the “lista de email” spammer has been pouring huge amounts of junk into my spam box. Hopefully this won’t inconvenience any legitimate commenters and will inconvenience spammers.

I won’t do anything with your address, and as far as I know WordPress doesn’t either.

Possible malware

My filter has been catching spam comments promoting seoplugins dot org (I don’t want WordPress turning that into a link). A web search discloses that their spam has slipped past the filters at quite a number of sites.

Software promoted by spam comments is almost never legitimate and is often malicious. SEO is “search engine optimization” and is a favorite field for unsavory characters preying on site owners’ desperation for more hits. I suggest giving these people a wide berth.