About Mad File Format Science

File formats aren’t dull. They can even be the stuff of Mad Science! Mysterious secrets hide in file metadata. What appears to be one kind of file may suddenly stand revealed as another kind altogether. Evil Files lurk on the Internet, waiting to exert their powers of domination on your computer. Those who understand how the bits are put together can use their knowledge for good or evil.

Here you’ll find news on file formats and the software tools to manage them and tips on how to deal with them. You can look here for information about tools which I have had a part in, such as JHOVE and FITS.

I’m an freelance writer on tech, having been a software engineer for the Harvard University Libraries for eight years. Please take a look at my business homepage or my LinkedIn profile and let me know if you might have a need for my services. You can also find me on Twitter, where I comment on digital preservation, music, science fiction, and lots of other things.

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