Helping a nation of homeschoolers: Digital preservation

We’ve abruptly become a nation of homeschoolers. People are figuring out how to do it with no preparation. They have to face a lot of issues, most of which I’m not helpful with. One of them is finding good material on the Internet. There’s no lack of well-written, informative pages; the hard part is sorting them out from all the garbage. Many of us can help in our fields of expertise by providing pointers to the best material.

On Twitter I saw a call for “expert sniffers,” people who can find the experts. We can do that where we’re specialists if not experts. We need to find articles that are good from an educational standpoint. Presenting all the knowledge isn’t enough; the hard part is presenting it in a way that learners can understand.

I’ll be reviving this blog for a little while to provide some guides as best I can. To start with, I’m offering my e-book, Files that Last, for just 99 cents through the end of April. It’s seven years old, but as a book for “everygeek,” it still has useful information for people trying to understand how they can preserve their data. It might even help some students to start toward a career in digital preservation. At that price, buyers aren’t risking much.

The coupon code to get the special 99-cent price on Files that Last is DS75L.

I’m planning to follow this post with some curated link collections on file formats and preservation.

If you’ve got an area of specialization, you could do something similar. Feel free to link to this post.

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