Here’s a question for the gallery: Have any of you heard of PDF/L, and do you know what it is?

I ran into it yesterday while doing some research. The few references that I can find to it all relate to microfilm scanners. For example, the page for the ScanPro 3000 says: ” A layered PDF/L file format saves text as high resolution BiTone, and images as high resolution grayscale. This maintains high-definition text and image details while keeping your file size small.” So it appears to be a way of optimizing scans by treating text portions one way and image portions another. At first I thought OCR was involved, but this reference suggests it isn’t.

The ArchiveTeam site doesn’t have anything on it. If you have a clue, please let me know. It’s not vital to my survival, but it annoys me not to know.

Update: After diligent Web searching, queries on Twitter, and waiting for comments here, I’m getting quite sure that there’s no such thing as PDF/L. It looks as if someone just tacked an “L” onto PDF for their own purposes, without even publishing a specification.

2 responses to “PDF/L?

  1. I saw something in passing about linearised PDF, wonder if that would lead anywhere?

    • Linearized PDF is laid out so that the first pages can be displayed before the rest of the file is downloaded. I don’t think that’s what they’re talking about,