The UK National Archive quietly released DROID 6.2 this month. I noticed only because of some mentions on Twitter. The file dates indicate the update was released on February 16. Here’s the new portion of the changelog:

Version 6.2

  • Signature updates: Signature file release 84, Container file 20160121
  • Hibernate replaced by JDBC code, and Byteseek 1.1.1 by Byteseek 2.0 for improved profiling and export performance
  • Now includes functionality to process the contents of ARC and WARC (web archive) files
  • Added SHA1 to the hash algorithms available when profiling
  • Filtering is now case-insensitive on file name, extension and format name
  • Fix for intermittent skipping of OLE2 containers due to memory pressure (github issue #67) (such cases now logged)
  • Minor updates to help pages

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