A new video course on ExifTool

ExifTool course thumbnailMy latest Udemy course, Managing Metadata with ExifTool, is now live! The list price is $36, but with the link here it’s just $12 through the end of February. OK, to tell the truth, Udemy’s payment structure practically mandates setting high prices and then discounting heavily, but this introductory rate is the best one you’ll see for a while.

As far as I can tell, this is the only publicly available tutorial on ExifTool which covers the topic so thoroughly. Here’s the outline:


  • Introduction to ExifTool*
  • Installing ExifTool


  • Getting information*
  • A case study*
  • Exporting data
  • Modifying data
  • Review

Advanced topics

  • Configuring ExifTool
  • Copying tags
  • If
  • Scripting
  • The ExifTool API


  • Wrapping up

* Free preview

Udemy courses let you work at your own pace, and you can watch the lectures as many times as you want. Most of the lectures have PDF resources attached so you don’t have to copy commands and links down from the screen.

Please spread the word where people who want to learn about ExifTool will see it. (I’ve gotten Phil Harvey’s OK to announce this on the ExifTool forum and will do that shortly, but there are lots of other places.) If you’d like to learn more yourself, drop in on the free previews and then sign up if you like them.

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