New Udemy course: Personal Digital Preservation

course imageMy second Udemy course, Personal Digital Preservation, is now available! The regular price for enrolling is $16, but for readers of this blog (and anyone else you want to tell!) it’s just $10 with the coupon code DATALITH10. That code is good through the end of February.

I think I’ve made big technical strides over my first course, though it’s still a learning experience for me. This one’s intended for a broader audience, people who aren’t specialists, so presentation is more important. My aim isn’t just to convey the techniques, but to get people involved in the idea of maintaining their files over the long run. Take a look at the promotion video and the two free lectures marked “preview.” Even if you aren’t personally interested in the course, I’d like feedback so my next course can be still better. Talking in front of a camera doesn’t come easily for me, and you wouldn’t believe the number of takes I threw away.

The course covers three main areas: avoiding file loss, recovering from loss, and keeping files useful. It includes specific techniques, such as how to archive from Facebook and GMail. It talks about metadata without getting very technical. I’m aiming for the same audience as Files that Last, with the benefit of additional experience.

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