Coming soon: Course on personal digital preservation

Promo image for personal digital preservation course
My next video course on Udemy will be (Udemy willing, which I think they will be) “Personal Digital Preservation: Keeping Your Files Safe and Usable.” Unlike my previous course on File Format Identification Tools, this one will be aimed at a broad audience: anyone who has a lot of files and wants to keep them usable for years to come. I’ll be covering three main areas: avoiding file loss, recovering files, and keeping files usable and understandable. The price will be $16, which will include about an hour of lectures as well as reference PDF files, but I’ll post a coupon code here to get it for less.

There’s still work to be done, including the approval process. It will appear as soon as it’s approved, so I can’t tell you an exact date, but I’m targeting January 12.

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