Approaching the year’s end

Several people have already signed up for my Udemy course on file, ExifTool, DROID, JHOVE, and Tika. It looks as if most of them have taken advantage of the discount code INTRO1 to get it at just $10 and are planning to take it later on. This makes complete sense, since the code is good just till the end of this year. If you’re taking the course, feel free to start a discussion or ask questions; I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. If you’re a specialist in one of these tools and would like to see how I’m teaching it, I’ll offer you a free pass if your credentials are good.

Meanwhile, I’m working on another course, on personal digital preservation. I’m more than halfway through, and I must admit I learned a lot from recording the first course. This one will have much better production values, and since it’s for a broader audience, the price will be low. This one should show up in early January.

Files that Last coverSpeaking of special deals that expire at the end of this year, you can get Files that Last, my e-book on “digital preservation for everygeek,” for just $3.20 on Smashwords with the discount code XY29D. The book is also available from other sources, though unfortunately I can’t offer you a discount there.

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