JHOVE 1.12 beta

New JHOVE logoJHOVE 1.12 will be the first release of JHOVE that I had no significant role in, but I’m still glad to see that the beta release is now available. I’ve downloaded it, run the installer (yes, there’s now an installer!), and then launched JHOVE without having to edit any configuration files by hand! That’s a huge advance by itself. Nice work by Carl Wilson and everyone else at the Open Preservation Foundation. It’s now built with Maven, and I’m sure that the building process is much better than the clunky old one.

JHOVE now has a new logo, for whatever reason. It’s not bad, but I’m sentimentally attached to the old one, with the picture of the planet Jupiter.

The GUI version no longer is a double-clickable JAR. It’s now a shell script which runs the JAR. The reason for this probably is to make JHOVE_HOME available to the application; the installation process modifies the script so it defines JHOVE_HOME as its own directory. This will usually result in a command window being launched. and if you move the application to another folder after installing it, it will break. There are other tricks to get the location of a running JAR.

Still, it’s great to see that JHOVE is alive in its new home and continuing to improve!

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