TIFF/A kickoff

TIFF/A logoThe TIFF/A Initiative has announced its kickoff online conference for September 15 at 3 PM CEST. TIFF/A (see my earlier post) is a proposal for a set of rules, not yet defined, for archival-quality TIFF files. It’s still possible to sign up for participation. According to the email, the conference will cover:

  • Short presentation of the team
  • Aim of the project
  • Recommendation for the use of a Tested TIFF for Archives (TTA) vs. standardization of file format (TIFF/A)
  • Potential legal problems of standardization
  • Proceeding and schedule of the project
  • Evaluation and discussion of TIFF features
  • Evaluation and discussion of already existing assets in GLAM institutions
  • Deduction of valid and approved file feature set
  • Finalization of the resulting document
  • Description of the platform (Intranet)
  • Q and A

The people on the TIFF mailing list, which libtiff’s maintainers use to communicate with users, apparently haven’t notied TIFF/A yet. I wonder what their thoughts on it might be.

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