Update on JHOVE

I’ve updated the UTF-8 module in the JHOVE source on Github to include the new code blocks for Unicode 7.0.0. Also, I’ve recently fixed the pom.xml file so it will put both the command line and the GUI JAR files into the local repository.

I need more input before I’m comfortable with creating a release 1.12 of JHOVE. I don’t have any prior experience with creating a public, open-source project that’s built with Maven, and I don’t know how much of the baggage of the SourceForge project really needs to be kept. There are some specialty JARs in the old project, but I don’t know if anyone uses them. Most importantly, there still needs to be a distribution in Zip and Tar formats. New features would be interesting, but the first thing is to make a JHOVE that was as useful as it was before.

Comments, suggestions, and code contributions are welcome, as always.

One response to “Update on JHOVE

  1. One pattern I’ve used before is to split the code and the distribution package into separate Maven modules underneath a top parent POM that contains the main configuration. In JHOVE’s case, we probably need three modules: a ‘core’ module, a ‘contrib’ module, and a ‘dist’ module that binds the core library together with various scripts into a distribution package using the Maven assembly plugin.