Slide show on FITS progress

Last Friday’s CURATEcamp AVpres was a collaboration between several physical sites, using Google Hangout and IRC. I’d been asked if I could do a lightning presentation online on my work on FITS, but I had a commitment on the 19th, so Andrea Goethals at the Harvard Library said she’d do one.

That, unfortunately, was the day the Tsarnaev brothers went on their spree in Cambridge, and Harvard was closed for the day. Paul Wheatley picked up the job on short notice and did a presentation; the slide show is online. Paul suggested people should look at the work I’m putting on the Github repository after I’m finished at the end of April, but I wouldn’t mind if people tried it out now, while I’m still devoting my time to the project.

2 responses to “Slide show on FITS progress

  1. Kara Van Malssen

    Thanks Gary! We’ll spread the word to the CURATEcamp participants, and definitely will checkout what you’ve already put in the Github repo.

    Sorry you couldn’t join us, but many thanks to Paul for picking up the baton. There was a lot of interest in FITS for video!

    • It looks to me as if finding a decent tool to produce video metadata is more important than defining FITS’s output vocabulary. Incorporating MediaInfo didn’t work because so many different builds would be needed, so Exiftool currently looks like the best source that FITS can use. Enhancing Tika’s ability to handle video files might be the best way to improve FITS in this regard.