Who’s using FITS?

It would be helpful for me to have at least a partial list of institutions that are using Harvard’s FITS (File Information Tool Set). If you can help me build this list, could you reply here or contact me by other usual channels? Thanks.

3 responses to “Who’s using FITS?

  1. We are using it at York University and have incorporated it into Islandora.

  2. Brégier Frédéric

    We are using it at French National Archives for testing purpose right now, but could be integrated in our future open source archival system. Nice to see that a first temptative to incorporate Tika was done, as we did it too on our experiments too.

  3. We are using FITS here at the National Library of Medicine – part of an automated QA review of the products coming out of our book digitization projects. Regards, John