JHOVE2 2.1.0

It’s been a long wait, but version 2.1.0 of JHOVE2 is now out! Sheila Morrissey writes:

Version 2.1.0 of JHOVE2 includes 3 new format modules, 1 new identifier module, 1 new displayer module, and several bug fixes and enhancements from the Issues page on the JHOVE2 wiki.

The new format modules included in this release are for the ARC, WARC, and GZIP formats.

The new Identifier module uses the UNIX “file” utility, giving JHOVE2 users the choice of employing either DROID or file for identification of file formats.

The new XSLDisplayer module (which extends XMLDisplayer) can do XSLT transformations on the XML output before displaying it.

This release also reflects a new milestone in the JHOVE2 development community. The new format and identifier modules are the contribution of developers from institutions (Bibliothéque Nationale de France and NETARKIVET.DK) beyond the original project participants (California Digital Library, Portico, and Stanford University Libraries).

The release notes are available on the project site.

Congratulations to everyone who helped bring this release out!

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