Getting JHOVE2 to build

There’s a private beta, which should soon be public, of a digital preservation area on I took advantage of my invitation to it to ask about something that had stalled me a while ago when I tried to download and build JHOVE2. A quick reply told me that the needed change is simple, just one line in the pom.xml file. I can’t link to my question and the answer on Stack Exchange, since a login is required to view it, but it turns out this issue had already been brought up in a JHOVE2 ticket. The discussion indicates some confusion about whether the issue has been fixed in the main JHOVE2 repository, but Sheila Morrissey has a fork on Bitbucket with the fix.

The fix is to change the URL for “JBoss Repository” in pom.xml to the following:

<url></url >

Kevin Clarke, who provided the answer, recommends building with the following command line to avoid error messages in the tests:

mvn -DskipTests=true install

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