New E-booklet: JHOVE Tips for Developers

My new E-booklet, JHOVE Tips for Developers, is now for sale on This was in part a trial run for publishing Files that Last, but anyone who integrates JHOVE with other software will find it useful. The chapters are:

  1. JHOVE Basics: A readable guide to installing, configuring, and running JHOVE, with information about each of the modules.
  2. The JHOVE API: Necessary information for integrating the JHOVE JAR into an application.
  3. Custom output: How to create a new output handler, for producing output in a different format or for better integration with an embedding application.
  4. Modules: Some supplemental information to the online tutorial on writing a module.

It’s a “name your own price” book. If you work with JHOVE and will have a use for the booklet, or if you just want to support JHOVE development, I hope you’ll buy it and pay a price you consider reasonable.

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