I’ve put up JHOVE 1.9 on the SourceForge site today. I think it’s the
least buggy version ever. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

Release notes:


  1. Jhove.java and JhoveView.java now get their version information from
    JhoveBase.java. Before it was redundantly kept in three places, and
    sometimes they didn’t all get updated for a new release. Like in 1.8.
  2. ConfigWriter was in the package edu.harvard.hul.ois.jhove.viewer, which
    caused a NoClassDefFoundError if non-GUI configurations didn’t include
    JhoveViewer.jar in the classpath. It’s been moved to
  3. Added script packagejhove.sh and made md5.pl part of the CVS repository
    to make packaging for delivery easier.
  4. jhove.bat now simply uses the Java command rather than requiring
    the user to set up the Java path.
  5. JhoveView.jar and jhove (the top level shell script) are now forced
    by ant to be executable so there are no mistakes.
  6. Warning message given on invalid buffer size string, and minimum
    buffer size is 1024.
  7. Configuration file code for adding handlers and giving init strings
    to modules was an awful mess that never could have worked. Major repairs done.


  1. If an AIFF file was found to be little-endian, the module instance
    would stay in little-endian mode for all subsequent files. This
    has been fixed.


  1. TIFF files that had strip or tile offsets but no corresponding byte
    counts were throwing an exception all the way to the top level. Now
    they’re correctly being reported as invalid.


  1. Cleaned up reporting of schemas, Added some small classes to replace
    the use of string arrays for information structures. Made URI comparison
    for local schema parameter case-independent. Resolved conflict between
    “s” and “schema” parameters.


  1. Some uncaught exceptions caused the module to throw all the way
    back to JhoveBase and not report any result for certain defective
    files. These now report the file as not well-formed.

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