And … JHOVE 1.9b3

Lately I’ve been writing a user guide for JHOVE as part of an upcoming
book. This means going through all the features to see how they really
work, and this has turned up a number of bugs. Among the latest fixes
are are: (1) If the AIFF module encounters a little-endian file, it
treats all subsequent files as little-endian whether they are or not.
(2) Certain errors in WAVE files throw an exception from the module
instead of reporting that the file isn’t well-formed. (3) The XML
module’s “s” and “schema” parameters conflicted, with “schema” being
treated as both, and there was a problem with schema URIs with
upper-case characters.

Version 1.9b3 should fix all of these. Hopefully I won’t find anything
else that needs fixing soon, so we can finally have a 1.9 release. but
if there are any problems with this beta, please let me know!

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