Have some JHOVE with your turkey

The trouble with being self-employed is you’re still at work on the holidays.

I’ve given up on the Kickstarter project for JHOVE, since the lack of any feedback on what features users want suggests insufficient interest, but I’m continuing with the bug fixes. there’s a new JHOVE alpha release on SourceForge, mostly to fix some silly mistakes. Please report any problems.

Here’s the new portion of the release notes:


  1. Jhove.java and JhoveView.java now get their version information from JhoveBase.java. Before it was redundantly kept in three places, and sometimes they didn’t all get updated for a new release. Like in 1.8.
  2. ConfigWriter was in the package edu.harvard.hul.ois.jhove.viewer, which caused a NoClassDefFoundError if non-GUI configurations didn’t include JhoveViewer.jar in the classpath. It’s been moved to edu.harvard.hul.ois.jhove.
  3. Added script packagejhove.sh and made md5.pl part of the CVS repository to make packaging for delivery easier.


  1. TIFF files that had strip or tile offsets but no corresponding byte counts were throwing an exception all the way to the top level. Now they’re correctly being reported as invalid.


  1. Cleaned up reporting of schemas, Added some small classes to replace the use of string arrays for information structures.

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