I hadn’t heard any bug reports since 1.8 beta, which hopefully means it’s working smoothly for everyone, so I’ve now released JHOVE 1.8. Let me know ASAP if anything’s broken.

Release notes:


1. If JHOVE doesn’t find a configuration file, it creates a default one.

2. Generics widely added to clean up the code.

3. build.xml files fixed to force compilation to Java 1.5.

4. Shell script “jhove” no longer makes you figure out where JAVA_HOME is.


1. Several errors in checking for PDF-A compliance were corrected. Aside from fixing some outright bugs, the Contents key for non-text Annotations is no longer checked, as its presence is only recommended and not required.

2. Improved code by Hökan Svenson is now used for finding the trailer.


1. TIFF tag 700 (XMP) now accepts field type 7 (UNDEFINED) as well as 1 (BYTE), on the basis of Adobe’s XMP spec, part 3.

2. If compression scheme 6 is used in a file, an InfoMessage will report that the file uses deprecated compression.


1. The Originator Reference property, found in the Broadcast Wave Extension (BEXT) chunk, is now reported.

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