Spruce Awards: signal boost and self-promotion

Applications for SPRUCE Awards are now open.

SPRUCE will make awards of up to £5k available for further developing the practical digital preservation outcomes and/or development of digital preservation business cases, that were begun in SPRUCE events. Applications from others may also be considered, but in this case, please discuss your proposal with SPRUCE before submission. A total fund of £60k is available for making these awards, which will be allocated in a series of funding calls thoughout the life of the SPRUCE Project.

The current (open) call is primarily for attendees of the SPRUCE Mashup London.

Awards must be submitted by 5 PM (GMT, I suppose) on October 10, 2012.

The self-promotion part: Awards are made to teams affiliated with institutions, but they are permitted to use outside help, since in-house developers may already be fully committed. As an independent developer with expertise in file formats and digital preservation, I’d like it known that I’m available to contract for carrying out a SPRUCE project. My business home page describes my background and skills. Paul Wheatley has told me this is a possibility, so I’m not just coming out of the blue with this offer.

My schedule may change, of course, but if you contact me on a project I’ll keep you updated on my status, and I’ll follow through in full on any commitment I make.

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