Format registry browser updated

I’ve posted an updated version of my file format registry browser (Zip file). It’s still very experimental, but this one makes several steps on the long path to being a useful tool.

The biggest news is that thanks to David Underdown’s input, it now talks to PRONOM. Preserv2 is probably a lost cause, since it appears no current work is being done on it and its useful results were folded back into PRONOM. This version tries to prettify results containing URIs and “@en” tags. If you don’t like that you can turn it off with a check box. The search fields have changed, and all of them now do something with all registries. The logging level can now be controlled from the config file (src/com/mcgath/regbrowser/ In some future version I’ll use a less buried config file.

Here’s my post on the first release.

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