Monthly Archives: March 2012

The spammers are at it again

I just got an email at my work address from a “Sofia Rasmussen” proposing to do a blog post on the state of graduate education. Neither this blog nor Files That Last has any particular connection to graduate education. A web search reveals that “Sofia” has been spamming lots of blogs without regard to their subject matter. The game is probably to draw people to the URL mentioned in the mail.

Conversations about data on CDL site

The California Digital Library has launched a new site, Data Pub, “to explore the landscape of digital data.” Suggested topics for discussion are data publication, data sharing, data archiving, data citation, open data, and open science.

Although the invitation to discussion is general, there doesn’t seem to be a way for non-CDL people to register so they can comment. This may be because they’re still getting things started.