Correcting Harvard Library rumors

In spite of rumors that have shown up in the #hlth feed on Twitter, no one at the Harvard Library was laid off yesterday, let alone “everybody.” We were told, however, that there will be cutbacks.

We were told that we should all fill out “employee profiles” online to aid in determining what future career we’d have, if any, at Harvard. An official pronouncement quoted in Library Journal has denied that we will all have to “reapply” for our positions, but many of us find the distinction subtle even if it’s technically true.

Take a look at this post for a good summmary.

Further update: Here’s a transcript of yesterday’s presentation at Harvard. There is one significant discrepancy between the transcript and what I and others recall: Helen Shenton did not say at the 9 AM meeting that the deadline for employee profiles was February 29. The deadline was initially earlier — mid-February, I think — and was changed to February 29 by the end of the meeting, following numerous expressions of concern from the audience. (She may have said February 29 at the later meetings.)

One response to “Correcting Harvard Library rumors

  1. The original deadline was February 10th but Melissa Brown?(the HR person) from Central Administration said that the deadline would be extended. I believe this was in answer to a question pointing out that these profiles were due before most, if not all, staff would find out if their job was to remain the same, significantly changed or cut.