Format registries

Two posts in one day!

That Library Journal article led to a number of interesting links (you’ll notice I’ve added Karen Coyle’s blog to my blogroll), and eventually I came upon this article by Chris Rusbridge on file format registries.

GDFR was originally supposed to be a distributed registry without a central site, but that idea collapsed under the weight of its complexity before GDFR itself ran out of steam. UDFR is trying to do something similar. I wonder if the best solution to the problem of format coverage would be a moderated wiki that didn’t require new, complicated software underpinnings.

One response to “Format registries

  1. Chris Rusbridge

    Thanks for the link. I suspect you’re right. Getting input seems to be the real problem. And I an suspicious of highly controlled, “expert-based” solutions, which tend to ignore the real experts: people whom many preservationistas might describe as “amateurs”. Particularly in this field, these amateurs know lots and lots of stuff that we don’t, and we need to find productive ways to get them to contribute some of that knowledge before it dies with them.