LOC irony

The Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (latest issue, subscription page) has some very nice content, but it’s ironic that the newsletter is delivered with the nondescript file name of 201101.pdf and that (if JHOVE is right) it doesn’t conform to PDF-A. A PDF/A document can’t have external links, so its lack is excusable; it’s the meaningless file name that actually bugs me more from a preservation standpoint.

I can’t find an editorial contact address on the newsletter to mention this to.

2 responses to “LOC irony

  1. Chris Rusbridge

    I’ve winged several times about the two column PDF format, so unsuitable for on-screen reading. Not much seems to happen!

  2. Yes, they could at least have tagged it, but they didn’t even do that.

    Oh, well, it’s not as bad as my condo newsletter, which is sent out as scanned page images and isn’t even text-searchable.