PDF/A-2 ratified

This time it’s from the PDF/A Competence Center, so I’m pretty sure it’s real: On November 30, the committee for ISO 19005 met in Ottawa and ratified Part 2 of IDO 19005, aka PDF/A. PDF/A is a restricted profile for PDF which is designed to guarantee long-term usability of conforming files.

The previous version, PDF/A-1, was based on PDF 1.4. This is based on ISO 32000-1, which is equivalent to PDF 1.7. Valid PDF/A-1 files are also valid under PDF/A-2.

ISO 19005:2005, or PDF/A-1, is available for purchase from ISO, but as of this writing the new one, which presumably will be ISO 19005:2010, isn’t being offered online yet.

I can’t make any promises about when JHOVE will support PDF/A-2, if ever. Any work I do on it is on my own time. Of course, if someone else wants to run with it, the source is there and I can answer questions.

One response to “PDF/A-2 ratified

  1. Leonard Rosenthol

    We only ratified it – it still has to go to publication…

    Don’t expect to see copies available for purchase till Q2 2011.