JHOVE2 goes to beta

The JHOVE2 team has announced a beta release:

This beta code release supports all the major technical objectives of the project, including a more sophisticated, modular architecture; signature-based file identification; policy-based assessment of objects; recursive characterization of objects comprising aggregate files and files arbitrarily nested in containers; and extensive configuration and reporting options. The release also continues to fill out the roster of supported formats, with modules for ICC color profiles, SGML, Shapefile, TIFF, UTF-8, WAVE, and XML.

The source code page provides the source as a Mercurial repository, or as a single download. The gzip download expands into a file called main-14e8a6102f63 and it isn’t at all obvious what to do with it. Chmoding it to an executable and running it doesn’t work. I’ve asked what this is supposed to be; I’ll update this post when I get a response.

Update: That’s a tarball. Adding the .tar extension and using tar -xvf works nicely.

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