Monthly Archives: November 2010

ZIP standardization

The ZIP format is widely used, both by itself and as part of other widely used formats such as ODF, yet it’s never been standardized. Caroline Arms of the Library of Congress has informed the JHOVE2 list that there’s a new study group under ISO/IEC JTC1 SC34 WG1, which is looking into the standardization of ZIP. There is a Wiki for this study as well as a mailing list archive.

Membership in the group requires going through the appropriate national standards group.


I was a little amazed and very amused to see that one of the new features of Unicode 6.0, released just last month, is the Emoji symbol set, which is reported to be widely used on Japanese cell phones. These whimsical symbols must open all kinds of possibilities for text messaging.

Unicode may not officially include Klingon characters, but it can still allow for fun.


PDF/A-2, according to a news item from Luratech, has been finalized and will be published as a standard in early 2011. (But see the comments.) Some more information (PDF) is available from the PDF/A Competence Center. PDF/A-1, which is based on PDF 1.4, will continue to remain a valid standard. PDF/A-2 is based on ISO 32000-1, aka PDF 1.7.