CSS3: Threat or menace?

Lately I’ve been looking at CSS3 animations as a possible solution to a problem I’ve been dealing with. But after thinking about it, I’m getting more concerned: CSS animations? CSS is supposed to be about the layout of a page, not the creation of special effects. I’ve seen pages describing supposedly wonderful effects that can be created with CSS3. Fine, but what if you don’t want them?

JavaScript and Flash product many annoying effects, introduced by designers who effectively are yelling “Hey, look how clever we are!” at you while you’re trying to concentrate on reading. You can turn off JavaScript and Flash and still get readable content, at least with many sites. But turn off CSS and most modern web pages will turn into a messy jumble. CSS3 looks like a narcissistic web designer’s dream: a way to bombard you with special effects that you just can’t escape from.

If you aren’t worried yet, consider this post on how to do Flash-like ads using only CSS3.

Addendum: The CSS3 working draft was recently updated.

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