Monthly Archives: December 2009

JHOVE 1.5 — oops!

Argh! I always forget something in a JHOVE build, and carefully checking all the nitpicking things just means I forget the important ones.

The JHOVE 1.5 which I uploaded to SourceForge a few days ago had all the right sources, release notes, checksums, etc. … but it didn’t have up-to-date JAR files, which kind of defeats the whole point!!

This is now fixed. If you’ve already downloaded it, please download it again. Check your download against the corresponding MD5 file to be sure.

A happy holiday-of-your-choice to all!


JHOVE 1.5 is now out, and so far no one’s complained of anything missing. If you notice any problems, please comment.

Thanks to Thomas Ledoux, JHOVE now has an option to output TextMD metadata. There are minor bug fixes for PDF and UTF-8. Full details are in the release notes.

PASIG in Boston

I’ll be at the Sun PASIG (Preservation and Archives SIG) at Northeastern University tomorrow.

XSD 1.1 reaches last call status

W3C XML Schema Definition Language 1.1 has reached the status of Last Call Working Draft. The Last Call period ends at the end of December.

HUL announces new deputy director

Robert Darnton has announced the appointment of Helen Shenton as deputy director of the Harvard University Libraries. She comes from the British Library and has a strong background in digital preservation. I’m particularly intrigued that she “masterminded the creation of the high-density, low-oxygen robotic depository of the BL at Boston Spa” (the other Boston).