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Libtiff and search engines

The current version of libtiff, a widely used C library for processing TIFF images, is found on The domain used to belong to the people who maintain libtiff but doesn’t any more. The holder of the domain claims to be “Lib Tiff” in Ottawa. It’s not a fraud or malware site, but it has an outdated version of libtiff. I don’t know what the domain holder’s game is, and I’m not sure anyone does. I can’t even see how it’s making money; maybe it has popups which my browser is suppressing?

Anyway, I got curious about how various search engines would do when I searched for “libtiff.” Here’s the rundown:

  • Google puts in first and second place and in third, and it has numerous subsidiary links inits listing of
  • does the same, minus the subsidiary links. The fourth-place item is the Wikipedia entry, which correctly lists (Google puts it fifth).
  • Yahoo puts in first place, and the bogus site doesn’t show up at all on the first page of results.
  • puts in first and the cheap imitation in second.
  • Dogpile puts the mutt first and the purebred down in eleventh place.
  • puts first and doesn’t show the imitator in the first page of results.

It’s not clear exactly what this proves, except that the big names don’t always do the best.

ECA 2010

By way of Digitization 101: ECA 2010, the 8th European Conference on Digital Archiving, will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on April 28-30, 2010. The announcement is in German; here’s a quick translation.

From April 28 through 30, 2010, the European Converence on Digital Archiving will take place in Geneva. This stands in the tradition of European archiving conferences of the last decade. With the accent on the digital, and archiving as a function rather than the archive as an institution, the conference will set new priorities. The future will be digital; we will maintain the analog tradition; the archive of the future must have a safe refuge for the analog and digital trails of the past. That is our responsibility.

We are sure that you can expect an attractive and rich conference program.

I know German, but not natively, so I offer my apologies for any clumsiness and mixed metaphors.